Type: Waste to Energy Plant Operator
Country: Norway

EGE operates two sorting plants and one 50 kton/year biological (anaerobic digestion) treatment plant for food waste, a waste-to-energy plant (two lines), and services three other lines contributing to a processing load of 400 kton/year of household waste in Oslo. EGE has 140 employees (operators, engineering staff, and administrative staff) and has been involved in several projects related to CO2 capture from the waste-to-energy sector: a Norwegian government-funded feasibility study for carbon capture at a waste-to-energy plant, which finished in May 2016; testing amine capture technology at the waste-to-energy plant at Klemetsrud, Oslo; and is project owner of the current CapeWaste project, co-funded by the CLIMIT program of the Research Council of Norway, which focuses on oxy-fuel capture technology.