Oslo’s Klemetsrud project secures financing in significant boost for waste-to-energy and CCS

Plans for the world’s first full-scale commercial carbon capture and storage (CCS) operation at a waste-to-energy plant are back on track following a full financing agreement and new shareholders...

Blog: Unlocking the power of CO2 capture solvents for Waste-to-Energy

By Roberta Figueiredo, Research Scientist, TNO Carbon capture from industrial flue gases using a solvent-based process is a mature technology that has already been commercially deployed in the...

No time to waste: WtE operators in the Netherlands turn up the heat on decarbonisation

The process of turning non-recyclable waste into energy and raw materials through incineration has been under way in Europe for some time but, as well as diverting waste from landfill, it can also...
TNO CO2 Capture Miniplant. Photo: TNO

Technology Insight 4: TNO’s Miniplant & onsite CO2 capture services

Based in The Netherlands, TNO is the country’s largest research, development and consultancy organisation. Our fourth Technology Insight introduces TNO’s high-spec facilities, including its CO2...
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Waste sector trade body joins NEWEST CCUS advisory group

The trade body representing the UK’s recycling and waste industry has joined the NEWEST CCUS project’s expert group of advisers. The Environmental Services Association (ESA), which has wide...