Steinmüller support for University of Stuttgart’s carbon capture research

View of the Steinmüller Engineering GmbH building in Gummersbach. Photo: Florian Mayer

Science and industry partnerships within the NEWEST-CCUS project are expected to bring benefits to each sector, as a link between the University of Stuttgart and a Germany-based engineering company suggests.

Steinmüller Engineering GmbH is supporting research under way at the university’s Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology (IFK). The company is sharing engineering experience and providing advice on topics, such as fluidised bed operation and corrosion issues.

At the same time, Steinmüller is keen to be part of a cutting-edge project that aims to support the development of carbon capture technology in Germany and Europe.

State-of-the-art experimental facilities at IFK provide the perfect opportunity for such a partnership to thrive, with the researchers bringing many years of experience in carbon capture processes to the table.

IFK researchers say the partnership will support the company’s ambitions to develop commercial capture technology in the future as part of wider action to reduce emissions from industry.

Both partners are looking forward to a productive outcome from the project.

Photo: View of the Steinmüller Engineering GmbH building in Gummersbach. Credit: Florian Mayer