Waste-to-energy sector gains support under UK’s carbon capture business models


The waste management sector is now eligible for support from the UK Government under its industrial carbon capture (ICC) business models, according to new guidance published yesterday.

An update from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) acknowledged carbon capture and storage as “the main decarbonisation option” for many of the technologies deployed by the sector.

The announcement was made alongside the launch of the government’s Phase-2 CCUS Cluster Sequencing, which calls for organisations to submit plans for individual carbon capture schemes that could link to the UK’s first-phase CCUS clusters.

The government also underlined the potential to deliver negative emissions by capturing and storing CO2 from biogenic waste but stressed the need for more work on developing a Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) system.

BEIS is encouraging those in the waste-to-energy sector to get involved in its Waste CCS expert group, encouraging interested stakeholders to get in touch by email – ICCbusinessmodels@beis.gov.uk – for further information.

The government's next steps to providing support for waste management projects include ensuring the generic ICC Contract is suitable for the waste management sector and how these contracts will take into account other forms of government support as well as future markets for negative emissions.

The draft ICC contract is scheduled for publication in the first quarter of next year.

Photo by Jordan Brierley on Unsplash